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3 Tips for Christian Who Practice Yoga

When I started practicing yoga in 2008, I was very naïve to what others thought about yoga especially in faith-based communities. With a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in tow, I made my way to my first yoga class at the recommended of my doctor.  I was seeking physical relief from lower back pain but what I found on the mat was so much more.

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National Relaxation Day

Join me for the "Road to Relaxation".  Now more than ever we need to relax and not just on vacation.  The act of relaxing doesn't require money, fancy clothes, or an exotic location.  To relax is to be less tense or anxious.  Sounds simple, right?  So why is it so hard for us to relax? Some may say that life is just too busy to relax and that may be true.  Life is busy.  Yes, we can all agree with that but there is a thing called "burn out". 

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