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3 Tips for Christians Who Practice Yoga

When I started practicing yoga in 2008, I was very naïve to what others thought about yoga especially in faith-based communities. With a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in tow, I made my way to my first yoga class at the recommended of my doctor.  I was seeking physical relief from lower back pain but what I found on the mat was so much more. 

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What Happens When You Surrender?

Many times when we ask God for something we are thrilled when He says, "Yes". But, what is our reaction when we hear a resounding "No" or nothing at all? For me, a no is one thing but silence from God would send me into a tailspin. I spent years trying to figure out what the silence meant. During the silence I would look for signs and wonders and beat myself up wondering what sins had I overlooked. 

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The Power of Meditation

As a Christian I didn’t understand the significance or the power of meditation until I became an adult.  And even as an adult I wasn’t aware that mediation was so deeply rooted in the Bible.  What I heard about mediation was in the context of the New Age movement.  Specifically, Transcendental Meditation (TM).  This type of mediation is rooted in Hindu philosophy and may be a part of mind-body exercises like traditional yoga.  However, upon further research and good bible teaching I learned that God does in fact want us to meditate.

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