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Transform Your Health with Yoga

One of the great things about the wellness industry at this point and time in our society is the variety and the availability of holistic tools and techniques available for those who are seeking transformation.  That transformation may be internal, external, or both depending on where that person is on their life’s journey. 

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National Relaxation Day

Join me for the "Road to Relaxation".  Now more than ever we need to relax and not just on vacation.  The act of relaxing doesn't require money, fancy clothes, or an exotic location.  To relax is to be less tense or anxious.  Sounds simple, right?  So why is it so hard for us to relax? Some may say that life is just too busy to relax and that may be true.  Life is busy.  Yes, we can all agree with that but there is a thing called "burn out". 

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Diabetes Awareness Month

As a kid growing up down south I knew diabetes simply as "sugar".  How many of you all can relate?  I knew many who had sugar but I really didn't understand what it meant.  What I vividly recall were fun moments with family and friend that would immediately become serious when someone with sugar felt weak or experienced low energy. 

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5 Tips for Teaching Yoga to Students with Disabilities

Yoga has many benefits and those benefits apply to those living with intellectual and physical disabilities as well as the general population.  The beauty of yoga is that modifications are limitless. The class may not look like a typical yoga class but this is where modifications and creativity come into play.  When teaching anything new instructors should be well informed about the audience and prepared to provide a class to meets the needs of those who are participating.  For example, those living with Down’s syndrome tend to have low muscle tone and are susceptible to respiratory problems so yoga poses like warrior, mountain pose and pranayama (deep breathing) and may address those medical issues.

 Here are five tips for teaching yoga to students with disabilities:

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