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July is Minority Mental Health Month

Bebe Moore Campbell gifted us with amazing novels that addressed issues like racism and mental illness.  Her books are timeless.  Who remembers “Singing in the Comeback Choir” and “Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine”? 

In addition to her gift of storytelling Campbell was committed to destigmatizing mental illness particularly in African American and minority communities.

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3 Tips for Christians Who Practice Yoga

When I started practicing yoga in 2008, I was very naïve to what others thought about yoga especially in faith-based communities. With a diagnosis of osteoarthritis in tow, I made my way to my first yoga class at the recommended of my doctor.  I was seeking physical relief from lower back pain but what I found on the mat was so much more. 

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5 Celebrity Millennials You Didn't Know Were Christians

Faith. It's not uncommon for Christian and celebrity to appear in the same sentence nowadays but let's go back for a moment before we spring forward.  I realize that I may be aging myself but, when I think about Christians who hold some type of celebrity status I look back at my youth and the first name that comes to mind is Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains. 

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Have You Heard Of These Black History Makers?

In January 2017, black excellence shined on the big screen when the lives and contributions of Ms. Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson were celebrated in the movie, Hidden Figures.  No longer hidden their experiences and efforts realized some 60 years later grossed $235.9 million worldwide, against a production budget of $25 million.

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Kirk Franklin Celebrates His Birthday With New Music

Last week Kirk Franklin took to social media to share Instagram stories as he counted down to his birthday on January 26.  Via social media, the world was able to join Franklin and his family reliving an amazing journey of life and music.  The birthday count down ended with the release of “Love Theory”. The official video, with more than 10K views, debuted on January 25 on YouTube and the single is available for download today.

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Baby Making Music For The Saints Or Nah?

Many of us know Tamela Mann as a multi-talented gospel artist and actress with numerous awards and accolades to her credit.  Well she’s adding a little something new to the mix just for married Christians.  Tamela and her husband, David Mann are celebrating their 30 years of love, life, and marriage with their new album, Against the World, The Love Project.  It sounds great, right?  Well there’s more.

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Taraji Goes Vegan And Here's Why

I believe that we are reminded of our humanity during those times when we come face to face with our own personal health challenges.  When access to money and healthcare falls short in the end I believe that each one of us is responsible for maintaining and improving our health and well-being with those things that God puts into our hands.  Even someone like Taraji P. Henson, who has access to more resources than most is taking responsibility for her health by using what’s in her hands

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In God We Trust?

s the number of people who attend church declines in the U.S. and Europe, there seems to be more interest in the bible and how scriptures are viewed and interpreted through the lens of those currently in the White House.  The Bible a sacred text for some and a crafty oppressive weapon for others is now on the front lines as immigrants' families are being separated from their children.  The U.S. has a sorted history.  The roots of hate, greed, oppression, thievery, and power run deep but somehow someway I believe those defected roots were watered with the blood and tears from our ancestors while God provided his sunshine in the form of grace giving us fruit in the form of leaders and warriors for social, economic, and spiritual change. 

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National Relaxation Day

Join me for the "Road to Relaxation".  Now more than ever we need to relax and not just on vacation.  The act of relaxing doesn't require money, fancy clothes, or an exotic location.  To relax is to be less tense or anxious.  Sounds simple, right?  So why is it so hard for us to relax? Some may say that life is just too busy to relax and that may be true.  Life is busy.  Yes, we can all agree with that but there is a thing called "burn out". 

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