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How Can Lemons Help Those With Arthritis?

Whenever life happens we have a choice in how we deal with the adversity.  Is the glass half empty or half full?  Dealing with arthritis has it ups and downs but all in all I know that I can participate in my own miracle because of God's beautiful gift of free will.  So I choose to LIVE despite what I'm feeling and how things look on the outside. 

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5 Hidden Benefits of Downward Facing Dog

If you’ve attended a yoga class, you've probably done downward-facing dog pose. Downward-facing dog is a foundational pose found in various vinyasa yoga flows, and for many of us, we initially feel the stretch in the arms, the back, and the legs. That’s the obvious, but there are so many other benefits to exploring downward-facing dog. Downward-facing dog is a very challenging pose, as the muscles are working to hold the pose against gravity.

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What Are Mind Body Exercises?

Do you remember Jane Fonda in the 80s or Step Aerobics in the 90s? It’s interesting to reflect on how things evolve and change in life and the fitness industry is no different. As a society we’ve spent years sculpting muscles, gaining strength, and building our cardiovascular system all in the hopes of looking and feeling healthy.

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