Sherrell is a gifted yoga instructor. She is intuitive and attentive to her students. She has a passion for yoga and for complimenting it with Christian principles. I enjoy being able to grow my practice and fill my spirit in her classes.   - Maisha T.
What I enjoy most about Yoga (Soul Fusion) is the quality time I get to spend with God. If I am feeling stressed, I know that I have an instructor and class that will relax my mind and body. Also, I enjoy the aromatherapy. There are no limitations on movements. I leave feeling rejuvenated.   - Tina D.
I don't know what I enjoyed best...having worked my entire body or hearing you correlate God's word with the workout. Fortunately, I don't have to choose; it was all good! Ladies, you're in for a treat if you haven't experienced one of Sherrell's classes.   - Rhonda D.
Sherrell was the perfect match for our Surrender Healing Retreat. Sherrell moves in the spirit and has a unique ability to call forth the greatness within through movement. Our retreat would not have been the same without her. 
- Celeste O.
I've done Yoga a few times via DVD's, but I just attended my first, in person Yoga class taught by Sherrell a beautiful and sweet person, and I have to say that I feel very relaxed! Looking forward to next Wednesday's class!   - Kelly T.
Yoga with Sherrell was an awesome experience! I love how she connects the physical aspect of yoga with the spiritual to help release tension and relax your mind, body, and soul. She offers great classes that can be adapted for different levels of yoga and actually takes time to gather feedback from her clients on their personal yoga needs. Sherrell's classes have made me feel more confident about trying yoga and has allowed me to concentrate more on helping my body and mind put off stress and take on more positive energy for a healthy and fulfilled life!   - Lauren C.
I absolutely loved Sherrell's class. I will be back and I'll bring some sisters with me... It was an amazing "weekend jumpstart" by incorporating worship, the word and working our temples... truly a healing key to my full healing & recovery from the April car accident, Thank you!!!  - Lori B.
I was in a severe car accident in 2011 which left me in a wheelchair and walker for over 6 months. The trauma, recovery and stress of adjusting back to my new life caused me to gain 50 pounds and all the surgeries left me unbalanced, tight and weak. After all my physical therapy was done, it became my mission to lose the weight I had gained and gain back the strength, flexibility and balance I had loss. Sherrell helped me do that and more. Through one-on-one sessions with Sherrell I improved my flexibility and strength as well learned techniques for de-stressing, relaxing, stretching and strengthening that I could do at home. I also gained skills and confidence in the various yoga poses to graduate from one-on-one classes to group classes. Sherrell's faith as well a wisdom, discipline and holistic health lifestyle shine through in all she says and does. She is a role model and I couldn't recommend her more highly. I wouldn't have anyone else as my instructor. Neither should you.   - Brittany C.