Join us for our 7 Day Meditation Challenge: 

Meditating with God

  • Have you always wanted to establish a daily practice of meditating with God?
  • Would you like to establish a routine and rhythm of stillness?
  • Do you desire more intimacy with God?
  • Would like support with your meditation journey?

If so then this meditation challenge is for you!

This 7-day  meditation challenge was created by Sherrell Moore-Tucker, Christian meditation teacher and CEO of MindBody FAITH™.  This challenge is designed with beginners who are ready to learning the basics of cultivating a Christian meditation practice.

Meditate for 10 minutes a day for 7 days and experience:

  • Spiritual Renewal and a heart of gratitude.
  • Rest for the mind, body, and soul.
  • Healing past hurt, pain, and trauma.
  • Inner Peace divinely offered by God.
  • Powerful meditative affirmations from the bible.

Full Support During This Challenge

  • FREE e-book, 5 Barriers to Meditation
  • FREE 7-Day Meditation Challenge e-book, Meditating with God 
  • Daily meditations and biblical affirmations
  • You may order meditation candles for additional support during or after the challenge 
  • You may order meditation & prayer cards for additional support during or after the challenge