Transparent Faith: Lessons learned from the plan of faith

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What is Transparent Faith? 

Transparent Faith takes a candid look at faith through the lens of a former backslider, Sherrell Moore-Tucker. Although she had given her life to Christ as a teen she never felt she was "perfect" enough to be a Christian.  She always knew that God loved her but there were too many requirements most of which she didn't understand. So instead of sitting in church feeling like a fraud she decided to stop straddling the fence and leaped over the fence to the other side determined to focus on success. After years of chasing success, the degrees earned and the career that was established wasn't enough. Then a friend invited her to church in 2009. She said yes to Jesus and the journey began.

This book was birthed out of Sherrell's desire to show new believers or those returning to Christ how God works with the lest of them. Even those like her who start from ground zero!  

In this book, she shares practical lessons for those seeking to understand their new life in Christ. With humor and humility she systemically lays out God's plan and process for living spiritually well through faith. Transparent Faith will make you laugh out loud, but it will also show how God's plan of faith works through our ability to be transparent with God and with others. This book will lay the foundation for your journey through faith.

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