Meditation Prayer Cards

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Vol 1 |    33 cards

MindBody FAITH is proud to present volume 1 of our Meditation Prayers Cards, designed to complement the Genesis candle collection.  Cultivate a Christian meditation practice using scriptures and meditative affirmations categorized by the face cards:  Presence, Blessings, Breath, Rest.

Simply shuffle the desk of cards, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and pick a card.  Recite the scripture aloud or in the silence of your mind.  Light your meditation candle and while gazing at the candle recite the meditative affirmation a few times.  Close your eyes and slowly release the words while meditating with God.  With an open heart allow God to lead you into silence while resting and melting under the weight of His love.

Enjoy meditating with God using cards and candles to support your meditative practice individually or with family and friends