Prayer as a Tool for Mental Health

May 08, 2021

Prayer as a Tool for Mental Health

One of the most important things you can do on your journey through life is to make space for daily prayer. 


Prayer can help you attain a better sense of self and encourages personal character growth as well as spiritual enlightenment. Prayer provides many spiritual and mental health benefits, such that it helps one understand themselves more deeply but also promotes virtuous ideals which promote peace in oneself and with others.

But what is prayer?

Some describe prayer as talking with God and listening to Him, and enjoying the presence of God.  Ultimately, it's about alignment and connection.  According to some studies in a climate of social distancing, human connection is very important for mental health.

Mental Health America (MHA) found that 71% of people turn to family or friends when they feel stressed. Humans have a natural need for social connection and like feeling valued, cared for, and supported by others.

A study from Columbia University found that prayer reduces ego while promoting humility within an individual; this makes them more interested in those around them who are different than they may be used to or comfortable being near before praying for their sake too!


  • Prayer also, opens you up to forgiveness.  That includes forgiving yourself as well.  Studies have found that forgiveness reduces pain, and levels of anxiety, depression and stress. 
  • Prayer is a powerful and effective way of relieving stress. It helps us to take control back from our worries by temporarily stepping away, so that we can reflect on them with peace.
  • Prayer is a fundamental part of self reflection and gratitude. Those who are capable of inward contemplation have the ability to grow spiritually as well as achieve their goals without limitation!

With this space for contemplation comes the opportunity to find new solutions or even an acceptance of challenges in life’s journey. Prayer also offers help in building faith which allows those who pray regularly access confidence during times when they feel weak - because everything will work out eventually if you have just believe.

Ultimately, one can’t come close to realizing themselves if they don't take time for prayer. 

Do you pray daily?  Not sure what to pray? 

Watch this VIDEO to learn how to pray with the body and consider this simple prayer below for worry as you continue to tend to your mental health and well-being. 

Lord have mercy. My spirit is low, and hope is far from me.  Darkness follows me and despair flows within me. I have no answers for any of life’s questions. I am tired.  I have no motivation or desire to move forward.  I’m sitting here in this pit with the weight of depression on me. 
What can I do God?  Will you lift this burden of depression? 
Turn to me God and please hear me and see me. 
Will you come into the pit with me and bring light to this dark place? 
Will you? 
In my heart I believe you will.  You will send help!  You will send aid so I may stand on the rock of my salvation.
In the midst of my depression I still believe! 
For what it’s worth Lord I still believe there is greater for me beyond depression! 
With this ounce of strength that I have to pray this prayer by faith I open my heart to receive help in Jesus in name so be it. 

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