Earth Day Prayer & Meditation

April 05, 2021

Earth Day Prayer & Meditation

Earth Day is a great day to reflect on our many blessings, including the Earth and its amazing resources. 

It's also an opportunity for us all to take responsibility as stewards and help protect this planet from environmental harm as well as conserve natural resources so future generations can enjoy them too. It is my prayer that we'll all be mindful of how important it is for each one of us do what we can every single day - not just once a year-to enhance sustainability efforts!


Created in the likeness of God we have dominion over this earth.  With a single word, God created everything around us - from galaxies to oceans and even life itself! He did it all without hesitation or pause because he knew what needed to be done for his people so they could live full lives in peace.

Remember the earth belongs to God and everything in it.  

"The Earth is the Lord's. The air we breathe comes from Him." "And all that live upon it He created for His own pleasure." As I explore our beautiful planet through hiking my heart fills with gratitude; thanking God who gifted me with the ability to experience this world through the senses. 

But when natural cycles are disrupted by human intervention the result can be an unhealthy environment for plants, animals, humans.  With some careful tending from us, this great world will continue being renewed.   

If you agree join our Earth Day meditation HERE

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