How to use Meditation Prayer Cards to Build a Daily Meditation Practice

September 07, 2020

Meditation Prayer Cards | Mind Body FAITH

It's not a secret to long time readers of MindBodyFAITH that meditation is one of my daily practices. I meditate daily simply by focusing on presence. There are few tools that I use during my meditation practice one being Meditation and Prayer Cards and Meditation Candles. 

Here are the things that meditation brings to the table for me:

I don't get stressed out nearly as much by small things and I feel close to God throughout the day. I find myself much more accepting of things I cannot control and I'm able to quickly move on to figuring out what I can do about the things I can control. 

My daily meditation practice is very simple. Anyone could do this. All you need is a chair and about 10 minutes of relative quiet. I find it helpful to have my phone nearby, as it has a timer app on it. I open my practice with the Lord’s Prayer then I shuffle the Meditation and Prayer cards.  With my eyes closed, I take a few cleansing breaths and pick a card. I read the scripture and the corresponding meditative affirmation on the back of the Meditation and Prayer card aloud a few times then I light a candle from the Genesis collection. 

Using Meditation Prayer Cards during Meditation

As I settle my physical body in the chair I gaze at the candle while verbally repeating the scripture and/or meditative affirmation on the back of the Meditation and Prayer card. I embrace the light of the candle in my heart and slowly close my eyes while silently repeat the meditative affirmation a few times.

Towards the end of my practice, I stop repeating the meditative affirmation.  That gentle release prepares me to settle into silence for about five minutes or so as I offer my presence to God. Once the timer goes off I open my eyes and end my practice with this simple prayer, I am forever changed in your presence.  Thank you, Father.

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